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2 competitions

2 competitions

Two competitions are being launched. All children will be allowed time in school during our Safety Week, beginning 21st November, but I encourage also entries from home. I believe prizes for the winning entries may be awarded by the police and by the council.


Darker Nights Police competition
This year the Police are trying to reduce crime at this time of year by advertising that houses are less likely to be targeted by criminals if they are well lit.
The children should design a picture with the relevant information included in the design on  A4 paper and place the child’s name on the back with the age and class.
The winning design from each school will be printed onto a sticker which can be stuck onto wheelie bins and windows in the Lees, Grotton and Springhead area. Many stickers will be printed free by which is  a label and sticker company in Lees, and then they will be distributed within this area.
The runners ups and winner from each school will be placed on the Lees library notice board for all to see.
Mark Detheridge 62598
Police Community Support Officer
Saddleworth West and Lees Neighbourhood Policing Unit
Road Sign Competition
Children from Hey with Zion and St. Edward’s are being invited to create a road sign which may well go up on local roads, to warn drivers that there are children about and to remind them to drive safely.
The deadline for entries from home is Wednesday 23rd November, 9 a.m.

Visit to the science centre

Visit to the science centre

On Wednesday year 6 spent a very interesting and enjoyable day at the science centre – they made electrical circuits and  ‘buzz boxes.’  Have a look at the photographs and some of the children’s comments.
I had lots of fun especially when we made the buzz boxes … I think when I’m older I might be a geeky scientist.  Olivia

Dylan – It was good and really fun.

It opened our eyes to how easy and how difficult electronics can be – Ben P

It was interesting and fun to do the experiments and working as a team.  I really enjoyed it – Grace

Brogan – I had a great time making buzz boxes and I now know a lot about electricity thanks to Miss Judge and all the other teachers.

The trip was amazing, I learned a lot of new things like how to make a buzzer and about different kinds of metals that are conductors – Rubie

I loved the trip, I loved experimenting – Bobby

Junaid – It was an amazing experience, it was fabulous and we learned new things as well