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GCSE results

GCSE results

GCSE Results Day Thursday 24th August
Information received from  the examination centre includes the following: “Results will emailed the morning of release and will also be available to be collected from reception between 9am and 1pm; any remaining results will be posted the same day. ”

I shall arrive at Hulme Grammar School for 11 a.m. on 24th August to meet with any of our pupils who would like to collect their results at that time. Avoiding 9 a.m. is usually a good thing as there is likely to be a rush of Year 11 pupils first thing in the morning. Any parent unable to be at Hulme Grammar that day may email me at for their own children’s results.


Fourteen of our pupils are awaiting their Maths GCSE result. Our pupils are encouraged to take the exam challenge completely without stress, where they are not chasing grades but simply enjoying the challenge and the experience. Nobody really knows what the new grading system will produce by way of results- we are told grade 4 equates with the old grade C- but whether the children receive grade 1,2,3,4 or 5 (the maximum on the Foundation paper) we are proud of every one of our children and they are all now better at Maths and therefore better prepared for secondary school than they would have been if they had not taken up the challenge, aware of what lies ahead in several years’ time and, I hope, very confident that they can do very well indeed at secondary school.

A couple of pupils from another school joined with us this year, another school has approached us to see if they can, too, next year; I am convinced this is a good thing for our most able mathematicians so long as it remains completely optional and they are unconcerned by outcomes.

For the record, almost all of the 25 children we have previously entered for Maths GCSE attained Grade C or above, and I am aware of an ex pupil who has used this primary school experience to support an application to study with Cambridge University.

We’re doing the best we can, and hopefully enjoying it as we go.


Key Stage Two SATs

Key Stage Two SATs

Key Stage Two SATs results came out today. Hey with Zion has matched its scores of last year, which were in the top few percent of the country. We are delighted that every single child who took the Reading and Mathematics tests reached the expected standard. Congratulations to the children and to the staff who taught them throughout school, also of course to the parents for the first rate support you have given your children and Hey with Zion.

% Meeting expectations:

Hey with Zion 2016 National 2016 Hey with Zion 2017
Reading 87% 66% 98%
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 92% 72% 95%
Maths 95% 70% 98%
All three 82% 53% 95%

Average (mean) scaled scores:

  Hey with Zion




Hey with Zion2017
Reading 106 103 108
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 108 104 108
Maths 110 103 108