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HWZ Inspection report 2019

HWZ Inspection report 2019

Church schools receive two types of inspections- the Ofsted inspections with which people are generally very familiar- our most recent was in 2017 and is available on our website- and “SIAMS” inspections (“Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools”) currently every five years.

We were inspected by SIAMS in February 2019 and have received our report. You may access it here: Hey with Zion report final

Our overall judgement is “excellent”, and there are many highlights, some of which I have listed below. The tone is very complimentary and I am of course very pleased with it. I recognise the school is not perfect however, and I thank parents for all you have done and all I am sure you will continue to do to help us make it as good a school as we can for the children.

Highlights of the report:

·         The levels of spiritual, personal and academic achievement are exceedingly high.

·         Pupils are offered a rich diet of cross-curricular themes through which they investigate and explore the world. They are eager, reflective learners who thoroughly enjoy their varied experiences.

·         Highly effective links with Oldham’s multi-faith community ensure that their understanding of diversity and difference is practical and respectful. The school is a centre of excellence sharing its excellent practice to sustain the Christian vision to do one’s best for others.

·         The school’s highly inclusive nature ensures that the needs of all pupils, including the vulnerable, disadvantaged and those with special needs and/or disabilities, are met.

·         There is a direct link between the Christian vision and the consistently improving, remarkably high standards achieved.

·         Standards of attainment are consistently well-above those achieved nationally, with exceptionally high levels being attained in mathematics.

·         The attainment of disadvantaged pupils is remarkably high.

·         All pupils make excellent progress often exceeding expectations. In this way, the school’s commitment to maximising achievement and treating others well is fully realised.

·         Provision for spiritual development is exemplary.

·         The school’s Christian vision makes a powerful transformational difference to the lives of pupils and adults. They are equipped to take on life’s challenges and serve others as the school’s vision directs.

Holiday Club

Holiday Club

This is a free P.E. holiday club for Key Stage Two pupils on the Friday of half term week. The club is open to all children in Key Stage Two (even those not quite eight years old). Twenty places are available, which will be granted to the first twenty to hand in, signed by parents, the consent form. We currently have vacancies.

Please request a consent form from Mrs Hodkinson in order for your child to come along.

Consent forms must be returned by Tuesday 12th February to secure a place.