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How Do Children Learn Times Tables?

How Do Children Learn Times Tables?

I’d love to hear from our children, perhaps via the comments here, how they go about learning their times tables at home… and maybe from parents who can remember how they learned them as children: there’s no shame in raiding the methods of yesteryear to help our children now!

To me, learning times tables is absolutely crucial for a child to succeed in Maths. I have seen many, many children tackle Maths and nearly all the ones who have achieved well have learned their times tables well.

A child who has learned their times tables will experience success, feel good about it, be able to multiply, be better able to divide, hence better able to understand fractions, and when dealing with word problems be able to get straight to the heart of what needs to be calculated, without being distracted by having to stop and work out times tables they don’t know.

Here are some ways we try to help children learn them:

  • using counters, pictures, arrays
  • playing games like Fizz Buzz, Multiplication Bingo etc.
  • listening and singing to times tables songs whilst children come and sit on the carpet
  • using doubling 2 times table to get the 4’s and doubling the 4’s to get the 8 times table and halving the 10 times table to get the 5 times table
  • applying the commutative law for working out the 7 times table
  • that trick on your fingers for learning the nine times table!
  • And tests of course

What methods have people known work at home?

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Harvest is a time to be thankful for what we have, to stop and think about those less fortunate than ourselves and do something to help such people.

This year Hey with Zion will be collecting for UKEFF’s food aid hub.

We ask children to bring in, if possible, food such as cereal, pot noodles, baked beans, tinned tomatoes, tinned chick peas, lentils, 1 litre cooking oils, tomato paste, instant mash, pasta, pasta sauce, fruit juice, instant coffee, long life milk, rice, biscuits, tea bags, tinned tuna or sugar… and washing powder, toothpaste or soap bars. Children should hand such donations, if they so wish, to their class teacher.

Any foods donated will be collected and taken to the Unitarian Chapel, Connaught Street, (off King Street roundabout), Oldham OL8 1EB

Hey with Zion is a church school but we exist equally for children of all faiths and of none.

On 30th September and 1st October, classes will be visiting one of our founder churches, St. John’s, for an “Experience Harvest” event, to be arranged similarly to the “Experience Christmas” event of December 2018, this time learning about harvest time for Christians.

Our school choir will also be singing in the church’s Harvest Festival service on 6th October, (to meet at St. John’s Church at 9.15 a.m. in full school uniform). Of course, as always, all are welcome to attend.

Latics season tickets

Latics season tickets

Hey with Zion has been given 30 free season tickets, courtesy of our status as an Oldham Athletic partner school. We we are making the tickets available free of charge, for individual matches, to Hey with Zion families.

Parents wishing to borrow some season tickets for particular matches should let me know and I shall lend them, subject to availability.

I shall only hand the tickets direct to parents/ carers, as they are clearly worth a considerable sum of money.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

We are trying to encourage the children to eat healthily. Our youngest children are given milk and fruit each day; please could older children be given fruit and vegetables rather than crisps etc. for break time snacks. Thank you.

The following is an excerpt from our Healthy Eating policy, available on our website:

At Hey with Zion, we have agreed the following statements; 3.1 Pupils in Key Stage 1 will benefit from the free fruit and vegetables scheme. These pupils will be encouraged to eat their piece of fruit as part of their daily break time. To ensure consistency across the school, Key stage 2 children will also be encouraged to eat only fruit or vegetables at break time. 3.2 All children are encouraged to bring in a water bottle so that they can have access to water throughout the day. Water fountains are also provided in school for additional access to drinking water. Flavoured water and juice is only allowed at lunch time, with the children’s lunch. 3.3 Crisps, biscuits and cakes are actively discouraged as everyday snacks in school or as part of lunch boxes. Sweets, chocolate, chewing gum and fizzy drinks are not permitted on the school premises or while the children are representing school at external events. Cereal bars are discouraged because these can often contain as much sugar as chocolate bars.