On partial reopening of school

On partial reopening of school

Dear Parents/ Carers,

You are all, no doubt, aware of the government’s plans for schools “maybe” to re-open for more than just the children of key workers and “vulnerable” children, from 1st June.

Most of you will know that we have remained open throughout this period, including “school holidays”, for vulnerable children and those of key workers. We shall again be open next week for those children.

Plans specific to Hey with Zion from June 1st are shared below, although I have to warn you that these arrangements could yet change. Everything is subject to ongoing review.

Hey with Zion will employ its best endeavours to provide as safe an environment as we can, within the context which is of nobody’s choosing. Political announcements from Downing Street, the Department for Education or Oldham Council could change these plans, as could our ongoing close monitoring of developments as we go through the process of re-opening. Re-opening is also subject to approval by Oldham Council of our school risk assessment.

The Hey with Zion planned timetable is as follows:

The children of key workers and vulnerable children will continue to be welcome from now on.

Monday 1st June: Nursery children start to attend. This will be in two groups of 10 to 15, one group with Miss Tammi and Mrs Hibbs, the other in the Reception classroom with Miss Broadbent and Miss Holt. If the numbers present exceed ten, it may be that Mr. Fletcher adds to the supervision. Parents will be informed before the day into which group their child has been allocated.

Due to the significant changes in routines, to manage the return safely we shall work on the first Monday and Tuesday with just vulnerable children, key workers’ children and Nursery children, in accordance with government prioritised age groups.

Wednesday 3rd June: Reception children will also be welcome from then on. If there is high attendance, these will be taught as follows:

4 with Miss Cooper in a split class of 11 Reception/ Year One pupils

11 with Miss Holt in Year One/ Two classroom

10 with Mrs. Patterson in Year 5D classroom

11 with Miss Baxendale with Year Two classroom

4 with Miss Clarke and perhaps Mr. Fletcher in the “staff study” (where guitar lessons are held)

Parents will be informed before the day into which group their child has been allocated.

Thursday 4th June: an assessment will be made and communicated to parents as to whether and how Year One can be welcomed the following week. This will depend upon numbers of children present and developments e.g. availability of staff who are in the “clinically vulnerable” category.

Parents should be aware that in the case of staff sickness, with the exception of “vulnerable children” or those of key workers, if the member of staff falls ill, the children may be sent home as we do not have spare capacity and cannot safely increase the size of the “bubble.”

If you know that your child will not be attending school again this summer term, please inform me as this will help our staffing ratio.

Monday 8th June: Year One may be welcome to start attending.

These would be taught as follows:

7 will be with Miss Cooper in her split Reception/ Year one class in her current classroom

11 with Mrs. Farrelly and Mrs. Worthington in the current 5M classroom

11 with Miss Morton (and on Fridays Miss Adshead) in the Year Three classroom

11 with Miss Daley in the current Year 3/ Year 4 classroom

The “vulnerable” children and those of key workers in other year groups will be taught in Miss Ogden’s room, Year Six and the hall if necessary. Teachers available are Miss Ogden, Miss Light and Miss Seton-Jones.

While the current level of advised social distancing is required we cannot accommodate Year Six. The government has stipulated a maximum class size of 15. Our classrooms are mostly not particularly large so we have smaller capacities, and even with 15 in each (which I do not think would currently be safe) we could not accommodate the 189 pupils potentially able to access a place.

Parents of children able to return to school will be contacted in advance of school opening with specific details of which class their children will be in, with which teacher and how they should enter school and so on. School will feel very different to how it was, but we shall do all we can to look after your children as safely as possible while allowing them something of at least a partial return to normality.

Specific alterations to the usual routines, which I ask you to discuss with your child in advance to prepare them for:

1/ School uniform is to be discouraged– Throughout the school closure period I have advocated, and shall continue to advocate that all staff and children, on return home from school, immediately undress, shower and put clothes in wash. Easily washable (but practical and modest) clothes are recommended- for staff as well as pupils. Currently, per head, Oldham has the joint 7th highest number of cases of Coronavirus in England (and the highest incidence in Greater Manchester); there is a recorded case of coronavirus for 1 in 231 of our town. With growing numbers attending school there is a fair likelihood that someone within Hey with Zion will have coronavirus- if the infection comes into your home at 3.30 p.m. we want your child and their clothes washed.

2/ Non attendance this summer term will not be penalised with fines. It is entirely up to parents and carers whether they wish to send their child to school.

3/ All parents and pupils will enter via the front gates and walk anti-clockwise around the school to drop off, collect and leave school: no two way walking.

4/ Those with surnames A-D should enter from 8.50- 9 a.m.; those with surnames E-M from 9- 9.10 a.m.; those with surnames N-Z from 9.10-20 a.m. IF POSSIBLE, but we shall accommodate particular needs e.g. those who need to deliver their children at 8.50 in order to get to work may do so.

5/ Those with surnames A- D may collect their children from 3.10, those with surnames E–M from 3.20 and those with surnames N-Z at 3.30.

6/ Children will wash their hands immediately on arrival and at regular intervals throughout the day.

7/ Teachers will be vigilant about maximising social distancing within the classrooms. There is likely to be reduced mobility in classrooms.

8/ Staggered playtimes will exist so that, where possible, children remain in their “bubble” group, and do not mix with others outside their group.

9/ No assemblies will be held.

10/ Singing is not allowed– it is an activity which spreads the virus.

11/ NOBODY IS TO PASS ANOTHER IN A CORRIDOR as some of our corridors are less than 2 metres wide (some less than 1 metre wide).

12/ There will be no hot meals. Most children will eat in their classrooms and where school meals are provided they will be packed lunches. Free school meal vouchers will continue to be provided for those currently in receipt if they do not return to school.

12/ All home learning for children who are not in school, including these age groups, will be provided by Mrs. Soanes (Year Three) and Mrs. Machin. From 1st June any questions concerning home learning should be directed to Mrs. Machin via s.machin@heywithzion.oldham.sch.uk

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